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Daddy's Sleepy

Daddy's Sleepy


These Days

A Pokémon/Pokemon Sprite Comic! Takes place in an era where mega evolution was never discovered and countries like Unova and Kalos do not exist. (Not because of laziness but limitations when it comes to sprites) Synopsis: Jeremy with his friend Isaac travel on the land of Hoenn, discovering some not-so-good things about people and Pokémon. They meet friends, foes and surprising things about the world of Pokémon. Current Storyline : Changes (Jeremy and Isaac attend a graduation ceremony and finds themselves in awkward situations.) (Updates Every Three Days @ 5PM MST) CRITICISM is appreciated and encouraged!


Updates In The Form of Revamps

Because I haven't looked at the comic in possibly over a month, I had to go read some things over again.

And my God, are some of the first few pages painful. I cringed at my previous style and I shouldn't try and make this too serious. After all, less is more.

Basically, I'm going to go and revamp the first four pages..possibly a panel from some pages..

Also updating the Character page with some characters that I forgot to input before my sabbatical.

Thanks for sticking around! (all 21 of you)

Posted by ThatOneSpriter @ June 27th, 2015, 5:22 pm
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Sabbatical Possibly Over

Hello to anyone that still possibly cares about this comic. It certainly has been a while. Basically I was starting to drift apart in terms of making comics and I felt like I didn't have the creative drive to do stuff anymore. But I didn't want to put out yet another unfinished story. And also, school stuff has been getting in the way of me doing things. As you can see there haven't been any updates during this month (so far.) To keep this short and sweet, I am coming back, however I just don't know when.

Expect some updates next month, but with a little bit of changes possibly. Not necessarily the font though. Any questions, you can ask right ahead.

Posted by ThatOneSpriter @ June 27th, 2015, 1:19 am
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The Month Of June (Just A Break)

As finals are approaching, I will be putting this comic on hold from tomorrow until June 21. It sounds really bad but I have to ace my Social and Science finals.

And I will not be dead! Every week, I should be uploading something on A Question Of A Character so expect that.

Other than that, thanks for reading and I shall expect you guys again in June 18, with better and more quality comics. Also thanks for 19 fans and 30 comics! Couldn't have made that number without you guys.

Posted by ThatOneSpriter @ May 21st, 2015, 7:33 pm
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Getting Sick & Upload Changes

I was hoping to announce this change at the end of this chapter but I have been sick for the past week or so. And as a result, I'm unfortunately unable to keep my word on my update schedule.

My buffer is still intact, but I'm not able to keep it above the number I want. That is another reason why I am not comfortable with my upload rates.

(I checked the rates and the most that it could update during a week is three so there shouldn't be any big big changes. Otherwise just expect two during the week every afternoon!)

On the other hand, I joined Question of A Character! So that's kinda relevant.

Thanks for being loyal readers!

Posted by ThatOneSpriter @ May 8th, 2015, 3:23 am
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Chapter 2 News and Some Input

If you are reading this, you're probably like wait, what Chapter 2? There's not a chapter two, you just updated yesterday!

Indeed that is correct. But however, since I am a high school student, I have this buffer (which is like 7 or 8 comics) to make sure I stay ahead of myself to keep this comic, my grades and my social life in a manageable trifecta to not get swamped. So basically as of this moment I am working on chapter 2.

Thankfully because there are more of you guys, let me know what you guys would want to see. Like Pokemon Battles, More perspective pages, etc. However, keep in mind that I do have a plot so that does not mean that I would write in your suggestion in the main story. I will consider it though for a bonus segment at the end of each chapter if its a nice thing to put into the comic.

Cameos are going to be a thing for the duration of this comic so please submit them! I don't know when I will use them but if you want to submit, the requirements is that they are Gen 3 Sprites in a normal sized format (100) FR/LG, R/S/E and in PNG. Recolors are allowed but they have to look nice (as in proper shading).

To not leave you hanging, in chapter two, expect some battles (with the possibility of dynamic panels).

THANKS AGAIN FOR BEING AWESOME!This includes you SilverGamer, you're not chopped liver :p

Posted by ThatOneSpriter @ April 15th, 2015, 12:26 am
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10 Fans Wow

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who appreciates the comic so far. I know it's not a traditional Pokemon comic and I'm really glad that the comic is getting a lot of views regardless of fan count.

especially JoFro and PKNESS who constantly comment on my pages a lot which really motivates and helps me :D

Posted by ThatOneSpriter @ April 6th, 2015, 3:05 am
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Character Page is now up! It'll update as the updates flow and all. This is just a bonus for you guys to enjoy an in-depth explanation about the characters.

Also I kind of ripped the design off Pokémon-X so do not sue me.

By the way, I am accepting cameo characters! Recolors are allowed (as long as they are not bad ones) and make sure the sprites are on a .png sheet.

Posted by ThatOneSpriter @ April 2nd, 2015, 12:52 am
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